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About Us

LICO spreads knowledge on preventing Mother to Child transmission (PMTCT), promotes healthy living and the proper use of medicines. It also headlines the fabrication and use of sustainable and environmentally friendly briquettes in order to halt deforestation. Although both areas might seem (at first glance) far apart, they greatly underline Life Concern Organization’s holistic approach to problems in Rumphi. As voiced in their mission statement: “LICO exists to ensure better health and development of the marginalized and vulnerable local populations”.


An empowered community leading to informed decisions.​


LICO exists to ensure better health and development of the marginalized and vulnerable local populations, Life and knowledge


• Respect and trust • Networking and participation • Empowerment of communities

Key Areas of Focus

HIV/AIDS programs, with focus on Prevention Of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT)

  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights targeting youth
  • Climate Change with focus on promotion of renewable energy resources. Through women briquette making project.

PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-To-Child-Transmission)

For mothers to be to know their HIV status, living healthy during their pregnancy and taking PMTCT medication, the chances of their unborn child contracting HIV during pregnancy is greatly reduced

Activities (current projects): PMTCT

In this area LICO is building capacity of health staff and community volunteers through PMTCT training in the following:

  • PMTCT /ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy: drugs taken by HIV patients to keep HIV in check)
  • ART Adherence counselling
  • Nutrition counselling e.g. encouraging exclusive breast feeding for HIV positive mother
  • Couple counselling
  • Child counselling
  • Voluntary Testing and counselling
  • Women Peer educator trainings

Using bottom up community based approach to increase access and uptake of PMTCT services:

  • HIV & AIDS health education and promotion and PMCTC information through: establishment of women Study Circle Groups (SCG) within their villages,through which peer educators will desseminate information
  • Target specific mass campaigns will also be used to reach our audience
  • Information education and communication dissemination onn PMTCT and HIV information and misconceptions
  • Engaging community leaders as models to aid in HIV sero status self disclosure, encourage couple counselling, reduce stigma that hinders positive living and fuels spread of the virus
  • Mainstreaming HIV activities in all community activities through participatory community involvement will aid people to make informed decisions on their lives

Forming and ensuring the functionality of Mothers living with HIV & AIDS (MLWHAs) through support groups Offer sustainable nutrition support to WLWHAs to ensure adequate nutrition to the newborns and elliviating possibility of mothers breast feeding